Please note that a valuable Pesach resource which you can have at home is our new Pesach Haggadah, available for purchase at the shul office!




Union for Reform Judaism (American) Pesach Resources


URJ Interactive Seder Plate


My Jewish Learning Pesach Resources


Articles and description of Miriamís Cup and the orange on the seder plate (to symbolise the participation of women in Jewish ritual)


A full Progressive Haggadah (pdf file)





Miriamís Song Video (Debbie Friedman)


Traditional Haggadah Melodies (Audio)



For Kids


URJ family Pesach resources


Mah Nishtanah sung with phonetics


Shalom Sesame Pesach Videos


Les Matzerables


Jake Gyllenhaal and the Afikoman


The Passover Story


An Ethiopian Seder





Wide Variety of Pesach Recipes


Sephardi Pesach Recipes


Vegetarian Pesach Recipes



Pesach Humour


Google Exodus Ė the Pesach story told through Google, Facebook, and Twitter


Matzah Rap


Matzah Men


Who Let the Jews Out