14 May 2021 3 Sivan 5781
Northwood and Pinner Liberal Synagogue is a progressive and inclusive community where men and women participate as equals in all aspects of services.


Together we celebrate the Jewish year – both Shabbat and festivals.

We are proud to offer inclusive and engaging services.

Everyone sits together and men, women and our young people participate as equals in all aspects of the service. Services are led by one of our rabbis, supported by our Baalei Tefillah (lay readers). Part of the service is read in English and part in Hebrew so that everyone can follow the service and our services are accompanied beautifully by our members’ choir and organ or guitar.

Whilst, remaining connected to Jewish and Liberal Jewish traditions, our creative services focus on a particular theme. Thought-provoking and meaningful sermons are the final key element to our popular worship experience that is truly inclusive, inspiring, creative and meaningful.