10 April 2021 28 Nisan 5781

Oral Histories

During 1987/1988, a series of interviews were conducted with older members of the NPLS community, to create an oral history of what it was like to be a Jew before and during the Second World War. Thanks to the efforts of Richard Conradi, we have now digitised the original tapes, and we intend that, together with other recordings, we will soon be setting up a digital on-line archive that can be used by everyone. All the interviewees are listed below.

NPLS Audio Archives of Oral Histories

(* indicates a poor quality recording)

Name Interviewer Date 
Clynes, Nelly
Holocaust survivor
Brian Diamond 1988
Cohen, Dick
Founder member
June Samuel 1987
Cohen, Dulcie
Founder member 1st Women’s Society chair
June Samuel 1987
Cohen, Simon Sharon Gross 1987
Collett, Ruth
Early member artist
Sharon Gross 1987
Crick, Margarie
First nurse at
Kadimah summer school
Brian Diamond 1987
Etkins, Justin June Samuel 1987
Goldhill, Bella June Samuel 1987
Gonczi, Max Brian Diamond 1988
Grant, Julie Brian Diamond 1987
Gross, Eileen
Early member with
husband Toby
Ruth Weyl 1987
Hazel, Lilian (Bill)
Wife of Harry Hazel
Brian Diamond 1987
Hazel, Harry
Founder member and 1st treasurer
and then chair
Brian Diamond 1987
Heyman, Alan
Early member, father of Sue Frais
Marie Driffill 1987
Holzinger, Louise Brian Diamond 1987
Jacobs, Raymond
Early member brother of founder
member and 1st president Bertram
Brian Diamond 1987
Kains, Walter & Gigi
Parents of Barbara Kohn
June Samuel 1987
Krone, Katherine Ruth Weyl 1987
Leaver, Michael
Founder member, editor of 1st newsletter
Brian Diamond 1987
Levy, Jane
War experiences; 2 hours
Levy, Rita
Mother of Jackie Dyson,
ex mayor and GLC member
June Samuel 1987
Levy, Rita on Zionism
Recorded at Charney Manor Retreat
with Rabbi Andrew and others
Levy, Robert June Samuel 1988
Lewis, Alan & Joan
Alan, 1st chair and choir leader
Joan 1st chair of education
Brian Diamond 1987
Lewis, Sidney
Alan Lewis’s father, organist and auditor
Brian Diamond 1987
Lyon, Alan
Early choir member
June Samuel 1987
Nelson, George (Dr) * Brian Diamond 1987
Polak, Beatrice (Betty) Ruth Weyl 1987
Rees, Frank & Nan
Both at some time Mayor of Harrow
Brian Diamond 1987
Reisz, Martha * Marie Driffill 1987
Sassieni, Lewis & Sophia Brian Diamond 1988
Soraff, Julia June Samuel 1987
Symonds, Lionel
Uncle of David Amstell
Brian Diamond 1987
Tarl, Dorothy
Founder member and choir member
Marie Driffill 1987
Tomski, Werner & Karla
Karla was chair of Women’s Society
at time of consecration of Hallowell Road
Ruth Weyl 1987
Weg, Walter
Holocaust survivor, long-time member
& was in Berlin on Kristallnacht
recorded @ HMD 2006
Weyl, Ruth (née Saundfeld)
Active in Council of
Christians and Jews
Brian Diamond 1987
Weyl, Ruth on living in Palestine
Of German origin, lived in Israel before
settling in Northwood
Brian Diamond 1987
Zalkin, Harris & Rosa Marie Driffill 1987