10 April 2021 28 Nisan 5781
We seek to inspire all our members to engage in study that enriches their lives both in the Synagogue and in their home



We warmly welcome everyone who is sincere in their wish to convert to Judaism.

The process of conversion provided at NPLS is delivered in accordance with the procedure of the Beit Din (Rabbinic Court) of Liberal Judaism and usually lasts at least fifteen months. The process is designed to provide those converting with a substantive introduction to Jewish life and heritage. During the process, the applicant is supported by our community to gain personal experience of all the Jewish festivals in the annual cycle and to begin to feel themselves as part of a Jewish community.

The conversion programme begins with interviews with our Rabbis and encompasses study, attendance at synagogue, our Exploring Judaism and Hebrew crash courses. The final stage of conversion requires an interview with the Beit Din of Liberal Judaism.

It is strongly recommended that men undergo the procedure of circumcision and all converts are advised to perform the ritual of tevilah (ritual immersion in a Mikveh).

For a fuller understanding of the conversion process, please download our conversion fact sheet here . More information can be found on the Liberal Judaism site Please note that the Beit Din used to be called the Rabbinic Board. The terms are still used interchangeably on the LJ website.

Want more information? Thinking you are ready to get started? Get in touch and contact Rabbi Aaron or Rabbi Lea