16 April 2021 4 Iyyar 5781

We want to hear from you

26 Tishri 5781 by Jean Ryba

We are missing seeing our members for blessings on the Bimah, hearing your latest news in the Osorio Hall over Kiddush or catching up during a club or event when you might have shared your good news and maybe even your not so good news. We want YOU to know that WE want to celebrate, commiserate and even include you in our prayers when you need it.

Please email us at lifeevents@npls.org.uk with anything you’d like to share.

15 Elul 5780 by Jean Ryba

The revamp of our Access to Judaism course is for anyone who wants to gain a deeper understanding of Jewish life. Together we will explore what can be meaningful to you in liberal Judaism. Full details available in our course book which can be found below:

2020 – Exploring Judaism Booklet

5 Nisan 5780 by Jean Ryba

You can find our Services at any of the following:


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18 Sivan 5779 by Jean Ryba

The Bike Project workshop is running low on bikes and they have nearly 800 refugees on their waiting list! If you have an unwanted bike, please donate it now and get a refugee cycling.


9 Nisan 5779 by Jean Ryba

While many children from low-income families are entitled to free school meals during term time, there is currently no such provision during holidays. This means that as many as three million children face the risk of food insecurity during school holidays. While we can’t feed three million, we hope to at least be able to feed the needy children of Greenfields Primary School during the May half-term break. For more info on how you can help, click here and please contact Rabbi Lea if you are interested in volunteering.

16 Sivan 5778 by Jean Ryba

During 1987/1988, a series of interviews were conducted with older members of the NPLS community, to create an oral history of what it was like to be a Jew before and during the Second World War. Thanks to the efforts of Richard Conradi, we have now digitised the original tapes, and we intend that, together with other recordings, we will soon be setting up a digital on-line archive that can be used by everyone. All the interviewees are listed below. If you would like to obtain a digitised copy, or the original taped recording, please contact vicechair@npls.org.uk and we will let you know when the recordings become available. If you are interested in listening to a sample now, then enter this address into your browser: npls.org.uk/oralhistories

25 Nisan 5778 by Jean Ryba

Appeal for members to serve on the NPLS Board