21 April 2018 6 Iyyar 5778
Northwood and Pinner Liberal Synagogue is a progressive and inclusive community where men and women participate as equals in all aspects of services.



Liberal Judaism holds truth above tradition, but with reverence for the past.

Liberal Judaism is always willing to re-examine and re-evaluate beliefs, practices and values; there is scope to modify and innovate and to experiment while still cherishing and honouring the richness of our heritage.

Liberal Judaism maintains sincerity above conformity; it is unafraid to engage in discussion with others; it looks for sane, humane answers to find meaning in life.

Liberal Judaism values human needs above legal technicalities; it provides accessibility, equality and inclusivity.

Liberal Judaism is honest, spiritually rewarding and intellectually satisfying; it gives opportunity for creativity, passion and concern.

Liberal Judaism has an inclusive attitude to Jewish identity, embracing all who have a good claim to be regarded as Jewish and welcoming sincere converts.

Liberal Judaism proclaims and practises total sexual equality.

Liberal Judaism guides individuals rather than instructing them.

Liberal Judaism places a higher emphasis on ethical conduct than ritual observance.

Further information about Liberal Judaism can be found here (note this takes you to an external website).