22 October 2017 2 Heshvan 5778
We believe in taking an active role in the local community and wider society according to Liberal Jewish Values.



At NPLS we are keen to support the causes that help to make our world a better place and we regularly support independent charitable organisations.

Every year we hold an Annual High Holyday appeal which benefits three different charities, one local, one Jewish and one in Israel. The beneficiary charities are selected by the Trustees following consultation with members.

The Israel beneficiary is usually a charity which works for inter communal harmony and/or a progressive Jewish cause. Ten per cent of the Appeal is allocated to the Rabbis’ Discretionary Fund available for the Rabbis to use confidentially.

We are keen that the younger members of our community also play a role in supporting charitable initiatives and every year, our Cheder holds has an annual charitable appeal for contribution by our young people.

We also support special appeals in time of disasters.