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Etz Chayim – the ‘Tree of Life’ – is the Hebrew name of Northwood & Pinner Liberal Synagogue.
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Recent updates:
Talks and Tributes
● AJEX Service (Rabbi Aaron)
● Kristallnacht (Peter Phillips)
● Asylum seekers - Refugees (Rabbi Aaron)
● Keep Walking (Rabbi Lea)
● Shabbat and Community (Rabbi Lea)

● Adam (Rabbi Aaron)
● Valerie Albert - Eulogies (Brian Sass and Valerie Albert)

NPLS in the News
● Has social media fuelled ignorance more than tolerance during the current conflict in Gaza? (Jewish News)
● Let's Create a New Activisit Generation (Jewish News)
A New Vision to Tackle Poverty (Guardian)

Rabbi Aaron

Aaron JC
JC Blog

Rabbi Lea


Rabbi Andrew
Rabbi Andrew has been elected President of Liberal Judaism.
Rabbi Andrew's 70th Birthday Cheder and Service

Etz Chayim Gallery
3 November - 26 January
Stan Hill

Stan Hill

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KT Prague
KT trip to Prague
and Linda Boffey's photos

Lea and JoshRabbi Lea and Josh's Aufruf

50th Anniversary History Exhibition

Etz ChayimEtz Chayim Gallery Art Collection

to our community

We are an inclusive community and welcome all Jews and non-Jewish spouses and partners and their children. We encourage all men, women and children to play a full and equal role in our communal life.

We are a growing congregation and a member of
Liberal Judaism, and proud of our contribution to Liberal Judaism and the local community.

For information about joining our community Click here




High Holyday Sermons

High Holyday Appeal

Chairman's Speech - Nigel Cole
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Please Donate Food
We have joined forces with the Trussell Trust to collect food for Hillingdon Food Bank.  This is a great opportunity for us to look out into the wider community and help people at times of crisis.
Read more and Rabbi Lea's sermon

Friday Service Times
First and Third Fridays - 8.30pm
Second and Fourth Fridays - 6.30pm
21 Nov 8.30, 28 Nov 6.30
5 Dec 8.30, 12 Dec 6.30
19 Dec 8.30, 26 Dec 6.30

Thursday 20 November
10:30am - Serendipity Group
JAMI logo7:30pm - Wellbeing Workshop: 'The Fine Line' Overview of Mental Health - For more information click here.
8pm - Swimming in the Sea of Midrash - Girls in Trouble - Women in the Midrash with Rabbi Aaron

Friday 21 November
10am - Nippers@Northwood
12noon - Parashat Hashavuah with Rabbi Aaron - Parashat Toledot
8:30pm - Late Shabbat Evening Service led by Rabbi Lea Mühlstein

Saturday 22 November
9:45 - Cheder: Year 2-10 and Family Study Bar/Bat Mitzvah Year 2
11am - Shabbat Morning Service led by Rabbi Lea Mühlstein including the Bat Mitzvah of Francesca Wolfin and Auf Ruf for Ben Frais and Sophie Unger

Tuesday 25 November
1:45pm - Tuesday Club

Wednesday 26 November
1:30pm - JACS: 55 Years In The Motor Trade - It’s Been Great Fun – Geoffrey Bradman - For more information on JACS events click here.
8pm - Oaklands Drama Group are performing a play reading of Moonlight and Magnolias.  For more information click here.

Thursday 27 November
8pm - Swimming in the Sea of Midrash - Where is God when Things Go Wrong? Theodicy in the Midrash with Rabbi Lea

Friday 28 November
10am - Nippers@Northwood
12noon - Parashat Hashavuah with Rabbi Aaron - Parashat Va-yeitze
6:30pm - Early Shabbat Evening Service led by Rabbi Aaron Goldstein

Saturday 29 November
9:45am - Cheder: Year 1-10
11am - Shabbat Morning Service led by Rabbi Aaron Goldstein including a Birthday Blessing for Eva Feldman

Sunday 30 November
3pm - Bookworms: For more information contact Gene Perry

Our Future Dates and Friends Events for your Diary are here


Parents who wish their children to enter a Jewish day school in 2015 should contact Rabbi Lea to sign on to our process.


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